Break For Wellness

Break For Wellness

Break For Wellness

With the economy at an all-time high over the past few years, much of our mindset was work, work, work and keeping up with the rapid pace of life.  Oh, how much our world has changed in the last couple of months! We have lost our sense of security of a life we knew and many of us are feeling direction-less looking for a way to feel positive and directed again. As we try to navigate through the new terms of the world and attempt to push forward in the meetings and events industry, how can we move onward, find a sense of productivity, and stay aware with a calm mindset?

Last year, our client incorporated a Yoga session into their meeting agenda.  As we were planning the program, we thought of it as a nice addition and thoughtful way to incorporate the attendees’ personal well-being.  Looking back at that time of freely congregating closely with clients and colleagues with no fear, we noticed how essential it was to give the attendees the time to focus on their self-care.  It was a great moment for each attendee to center and find their breath within their busy schedules.

Yoga is one of many items that can be incorporated into your event schedule that provides wellness.  If Yoga is not your attendees’ preference, there are other options to boost their personal awareness throughout your event.

  • A meditation session
  • Encouraging the attendees to journal their event or their day
  • Putting oil diffusers in rooms/meeting spaces
  • Group walks/runs
  • A tech free “Quiet Room” for a chance to have a few moments of silence from our noisy world
  • Healthier snack options
  • Being thoughtful in choosing a keynote speaker
    • Author of a mindful book
    • Motivational speaker
    • Guided meditation

As virtual events become more prominent in our industry, it is important to be conscious of your attendees’ personal well-being.  While planning your virtual meetings, be thoughtful in making your break schedule.

  • Encourage attendees to get fresh air
  • Healthy nourishment
  • Stand and stretch
  • Guided group meditation
  • A giveaway for a coupon to enjoy a wellness app

As the events industry starts to pick up, virtual events rapidly get planned and in person meetings slowly gain momentum, we must remember that as we are trying our best  to keep pushing onward, we are doing so in an ever changing world.  So again, as we look back to that one nice addition of self-care to a program, we should now look forward to that addition as a staple to both in person and virtual events moving forward.

About Ireland Presentations:
Joanne Ireland, a 30-year veteran of the meeting and event planning industry, is Founder and President of Ireland Presentations, a meeting, conference and event planning company based in San Francisco, California. Ireland Presentations is a leading expert in the planning & management of corporate conferences, meetings & events. Their expertise includes project standards & strategy, conceptualization & design, project management and contract negotiations. Joanne and her team of A-Plus players continue to produce successful internal company meetings and customer facing programs nationally and internationally. More about Joanne and Ireland Presentations can be found at

photo: Natalie Grainer @unsplash

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